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Early Election Results Show Drop in Voter Turnout

2014 February 3
by The Isaan Record

Voting in Thailand’s general election proceeded without disruption in 89 percent of constituencies yesterday, including the entirety of the Northeast, but initial results show voter turnout in Isaan to be significantly lower than the rate in 2011.

Although not all advanced ballots have been counted due to interferences by protesters last week, preliminary results show that only 56 percent of eligible voters in the Northeast voted on Sunday, compared to the 72 percent that voted in the last general election in 2011.

Yet, these election numbers reveal a higher turnout rate in the Northeast than in the Central and Northern regions of the country, which had turnout rates of 42 percent and 45 percent respectively.

The turnout rate in Isaan ranged from 72 percent in Nongbua Lamphu Province, to 43 percent in Sisaket Province. Results for all other Northeastern provinces can be viewed here.

An official announcement of election results will be delayed due to the obstruction of voting in many parts of Bangkok and the South, say Election Commission officials. In addition to blocking candidate registration in a number of constituencies and disrupting early voting last week, anti-government protestors halted voting in 69 out of 375 constituencies on Sunday. By-elections in those constituencies are required by law to be held within three weeks.

With the main opposition Democrat party boycotting the election, the ruling Pheu Thai party is expected to win by a landslide.

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  1. February 4, 2014

    “I want the protesters in Bangkok to stop. We are all Thai, we have to talk, we have to negotiate.”

    Well said. Unfortunately the reactionary ‘elite’ in Bangkok think that Thailand is theirs, ‘earned’ via grift and graft … through their ‘cleverness’, and that the people of Isaan, for instance, are squatters on their … the Bangkokian ‘True-Thai”‘s … territory.

    I’m afraid that the ‘elite’ are going to insist on their own removal from power in Thailand. one way or another. They’ve wasted eight precious years since their coup in 2006 … and they haven’t changed one iota. Thaksin would have exposed himself to all by now and been ought but a memory, without the concentrated efforts of the reactionary ‘elite’, who themselves seek sod soi, are still looking to dominate and ultimately to dispossess the Thai people.

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