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Slideshow: Khon Kaen Voters Go To The Polls

2014 February 3
by The Isaan Record

On February 2, The Isaan Record traveled around the city of Khon Kaen to hear from voters at the polls. The election proceeded smoothly in Khon Kaen and most parts of Thailand outside of Bangkok and several provinces in the South. Still, a full government will not be formed until elections are re-held in areas where the voting process was disrupted.

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Mrs. Ratchadakorn Nanwong

"I think that we are going to have more unrest and turmoil after this, but I have to keep on voting because it is my only political right."

Ratchadakorn Nanwong, 56, restaurant owner.


Voting at Ban Sam Liam Public School in Khon Kaen.

Pjyapon Rodkamhang

"People are eager to vote this time. They hope their votes will help stop the protests in Bangkok."

Pjyapon Rodkamhang, 39, voting official.


MP candidates running in Khon Kaen's Zone 1.


"I think democracy is perfect because it means that the majority's voice will be heard."

Sunthon Phayakmalerng, 37, small business owner.


"I want the protesters in Bangkok to stop. We are all Thai, we have to talk, we have to negotiate."

Pat Phookerd, 60, street vendor.


"In a democracy, all people are equal. That's why I think it's so important for Thailand to keep this political system."

Mr. Witawat, 35, restaurant owner.


"In the last general election there was a candidate that I hoped would win, but I was too young to vote. This time I don't have anyone that I want to get the seat, but I voted "No" so that I could still exercise my right."

Kanpitcha Hmo-Hmai, 19, Khon Kaen University student.


Volunteers at polling station in Khon Kaen.


"Voting is especially important to me today because there are people who are doing anything they can to block the election."

Mr. Akarush, 32, restaurant employee.







Photographs taken by Lydia Kopecky.

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